4th & Monday: These teams are most likely to shake up NFL draft day

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The sporting calendar is creeping ever so closely to draft day.

It’s that magical time of year when every first-round pick is a potential generational talent with the ability to change a franchise’s fortunes for years to come.

These players were expected to be those kinds of franchise-building talents. Instead, things went horribly wrong and they landed on a list titled, “greatest draft busts ever.” 

One of this year’s top draft prospects, Nick Bosa, could be one of those franchise cornerstone talents. He was in the news this past week for things unrelated to his football abilities.

While we’re on the draft, here are the top five eligible prospects at each position and the eight teams most likely to trade up or down to change their draft fortunes.

The preseason slate was released last week. The regular-season schedule could drop this week, as the NFL traditionally has unveiled its schedule the week before…

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