A Spotlight-Averse Striker Can’t Seem to Stay Out of It

“I was embarrassed, to be honest,” he said Friday. “I mean, it was amazing and I wanted to go over and say, ‘Thank you,’ but I thought it would be too arrogant. I still don’t think I said thank you properly.”

“I don’t really like too much credit,” he added. “I know nobody’s going to believe this, but I’d rather be able to score goals and nobody saw or even spoke about it. That would be just about the perfect world for me.”

Wright-Phillips with midfielder Felipe Martins after a goal earlier this month. Wright-Phillips has 99 goals for the Red Bulls and could reach 100 in their playoff game against Toronto on Monday night.

Julio Cortez/Associated Press

Wright-Phillips’s perfect world will have to wait. His team’s fortunes are closely linked to his form, and scrutiny comes with the territory. And another tribute is surely coming: Wright-Phillips has 99 goals across all competitions since joining the Red Bulls in 2013, meaning his next milestone could come as soon as Monday night, when he will lead the Red Bulls against Toronto F.C. in…

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