American soccer star Christian Pulisic scores first-ever Premier League goals


U.S. men’s national soccer team winger Christian Pulisic joined Chelsea’s starting lineup Saturday at Burnley and made the most of it, scoring his first Premier League goal 20 minutes in and then scoring two more to record a hat trick in Chelsea’s 4-2 win.

Chants for Pulisic and “USA” roared throughout the crowd. Pulisic became the first American to score more than two goals in a single game in the Premier League since Clint Dempsey had a hat trick in 2012 for Fulham against Newcastle.

The first two goals were impressive solo scores. For the first goal, Pulisic put the ball to the back post off a shifty move and left-footed kick to become the 22nd American to score a goal in the Premier League.

After scoring Pulisic erupted in emotion, capturing the meaning of his first score.

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