Barry Trotz to take over as coach of the Islanders


Washington is known nationally for its politics, and the division that creates. But the Capitals’ championship parade put focus on the local residents, and a city united by its team’s title run.

Barry Trotz’s unemployment lasted fewer than 72 hours as he has become the coach of the New York Islanders, the team announced Thursday.

Trotz resigned Monday over a contract squabble after leading the Washington Capitals to the franchise’s first Stanley Cup. Trotz wanted to be paid like one of the league’s top coaches, but a modest two-year contract increase that kicked in after winning the Stanley Cup was not enough.

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Mike Babcock (Toronto Maple Leafs) makes $6.25 million per season as the league’s highest-paid coach; Joel Quenneville (Chicago Blackhawks) makes $6 million and Claude Julien (Montreal Canadiens) makes $5 million.

Sportsnet reported Trotz’s deal runs five years with an average annual salary of at least $4 million. Trotz earned $1.5 million per year under his…

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