Bill Laimbeer: 'LeBron James is better than Michael Jordan'


Jay Dieffenbach and Dan Bickley discuss who’s the best NBA player and Arizona Cardinals Hasson Reddick.

Former ‘Bad Boy’ also discusses whether he’s still interested in making the coaching jump to the NBA, and why his Pistons teams connected so well with Detroit fans

It took Michael Jordan and his Chicago Bulls four years to topple the “Bad Boys” Detroit Pistons, but they finally vanquished their nemesis and went on to win six NBA championships.

Jordan was crowned the greatest basketball player ever, and everyone went on their way.

Then along came perhaps the world’s most-hyped athlete ever in LeBron James.

Somehow, James has lived up to — and exceeded — the preposterous expectations placed on him as a teenager.

Now, it’s a debate that comes up often on radio and television shows and social media, and will…

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