Brazil vs. Mexico: World Cup 2018 Live Updates

Expect Mexico to Counterattack

Mexico Manager Juan Carlos Osorio, while praising Brazil, hinted his team would approach today’s game much as it did its win over Germany: by acknowledging the opponent’s technical skill, but also running right at them on the counter.

“Our footballing style has more to do with creating defensive problems in the opposition line,” he said. “We never throw in the towel and give up on attacking.”

Brazil’s Starting Lineup

There’s confirmation that Brazil makes only one change, sending out Filipe Luis for the injured Marcelo.

1 Alisson (Roma)

2 Thiago Silva (Paris St Germain)

3 Miranda (Inter Milan)

5 Casemiro (Real Madrid)

6 Filipe Luis (Atletico Madrid)

9 Gabriel Jesus (Manchester City)

10 Neymar (Paris St Germain)

11 Philippe Coutinho (Barcelona)

15 Paulinho (Barcelona)

19 Willian (Chelsea)

22 Fagner (Corinthians)

Marquez Starts for Mexico

The presence of Marquez in the Mexico lineup today sends a couple of signals. The first, shown in his first appearances in the tournament and confirmed by today’s start, is that Mexico is not letting anything affect its preparations or team selection for matches at the World Cup. But the more important…

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