Canada rallies late to win the World Cup of Hockey

TORONTO — As the Canadians trailed Team Europe 1-0 late in the third period, with time draining from the clock, winger Patrice Bergeron said it wasn’t a matter of “if” they would come from behind.

It was a matter of “when” and who the hero was going to be.

“It was always, ‘one shot away,’ ” Bergeron said. “It’s always ‘who wants to be that guy?’ And there’s so many guys in this dressing room who want to be in that position. We have so much talent in this dressing room that we knew all we needed was one bounce to go our way.”

That’s the attitude that makes Canada the world’s hockey superpower. It’s why the Canadians won the World Cup of Hockey with a 2-1 come-from-behind win against Team Europe. It’s why they have gone 12-0 in the past two best-on-best tournaments — the Sochi Olympics and the World Cup. It’s why they are the reigning champions in the Olympics (2014), World Championships (2016) and the World Cup of Hockey (2016).

The Canadians outscored opponents 24-8 over six games in the World…

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