Celebrating National Hot Dog Day by examining the biggest hot-doggers in sports


Hot dogs are as American as baseball, and really, all sports. 

On July 17, the nation celebrates National Hot Dog Day. Fast-food chains and convenience stores are offering discounts and other deals. 

Here at USA TODAY Sports, we are celebrating the “holiday” a little differently. Take a look at some of the best hot-doggers in all of sports, aka the athletes and coaches who maybe take things a little too far sometimes. 

You know, the showboats. The players who toe the line between “let the kids play” and offending the opposing team. 

Most of the names may not shock you. Some might. Let’s dive in. 

Yasiel Puig (baseball)

MLB wasn’t going to rename the postseason the Puig-season anytime soon, but the Cincinnati Reds outfielder has always played the game with passion. Sometimes, though, the passion can revert to a nonchalant display that costs him on the field. So much so that Albert Pujols once had to teach him a lesson. But Puig’s fiery attitude makes him among the most polarizing figures in MLB, which is trying to loosen the reigns of the old guard that values tradition and lack of emotion on the field. That’s good news for Puig. 

Baker Mayfield (football)

Colin Cowherd

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