Charity golf tournament at President Trump's Doral course sponsored by strip club canceled

Andy Kostka, Golfweek
Published 7:06 p.m. ET July 10, 2019 | Updated 10:05 p.m. ET July 10, 2019


Harris English gives USA TODAY Sports and Golfweek a behind-the-scenes look at the hi-tech tractor trailer that helps give him an edge while on tour.

After learning a strip club was involved in a charity golf tournament scheduled for this weekend at President Donald Trump’s National Doral Golf Club, a Miami-based nonprofit separated itself from the event, which has since been canceled.

Carlos Alamilla, the director of the Miami All Stars, told Golfweek he didn’t know a strip club was involved until The Washington Post called him Tuesday. He said he wouldn’t accept any donations from the tournament and was irritated when he discovered the affiliation with Shadow Cabaret, a strip club in the Miami area.

Alamilla said Emanuele Mancuso, the strip club’s marketing director, had reached out to him about a month earlier and offered to make a donation to Miami All Stars. They later met to discuss the tournament, but Alamilla said he didn’t know of Mancuso’s connection to the strip club or the inclusion of dancers at the event — an advertisement states…

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