Couture: 'Everyone cheats', not just Crosby

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Logan Couture didn’t back off his Game 2 postgame claim that the Pittsburgh Penguins’ Sidney Crosby cheats in the faceoff circle. Instead, he admitted he cheated, too.

“Everyone cheats on faceoffs,” the San Jose Sharks center said. “I cheat. Jumbo (Thornton) cheats. That’s how you try and win draw. (Crosby’s) one of the best at it, and he wins a lot of faceoffs.”

Crosby said former Detroit Red Wings center Kris Draper was one of the toughest faceoff artists he ever faced, and Draper told USA TODAY Sports he and Crosby cheated against each other.

“I believe you have to anticipate the drop of the puck, which is probably a polite form of cheating,” Draper said.

Crosby said Draper was strong on his stick. “He had done it for so long, especially when I was playing against him,” Crosby said. “I felt like he just always found a way. He didn’t do the same thing every time. You were allowed to…

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