DK Metcalf, Fernando Tatis Jr., Tyler Herro and Sarah Fuller top list of breakout sports stars in 2020



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It would have been easy for someone, even an athlete, to point to the tragedies of 2020 and decide “My time can wait ’til next year.” 

That’s not how the athletes on this list are wired. 

They not only confronted the challenges in front of them, pandemic and all, but rose to new heights. Entering this year, there is a chance you had seen plenty of these athletes, and that he or she had already achieved some level of greatness – at a minimum, the name sounded familiar.

Becoming a breakout star, though, means the name won’t be forgotten. These athletes have officially arrived.

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Joe Burrow 

While the bulk of his undefeated Heisman campaign took place in 2019, the future No. 1 overall pick and the LSU Tigers won the national championship in the first few days of 2020. He impressed during his first season with his home-state Cincinnati Bengals, demonstrating why he was worthy of the top selection despite a lackluster roster, particularly on the…

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