Eight NFL teams most likely to trade up, down in first round of draft


Nate Davis reveals three of the 100 biggest draft busts in NFL history according to USA TODAY Sports.

Decisions in the NFL draft tend to have a ripple effect, and few moves have quite as many wide-ranging consequences as trades.

After months of projections and analysis from both media and front offices alike, the first round can often be thrown for a loop by a simple swap, as it was last year by seven . In recent years, Day 1 of the draft has been shaped by moves targeting quarterbacks, including Mitchell Trubisky (Bears), Patrick Mahomes (Chiefs), Deshaun Watson (Texans), Sam Darnold (Jets), Josh Allen (Bills) and Josh Rosen (Cardinals). And a rule change starting in 2017 allowing compensatory picks to be traded has opened up additional avenues for deals. 

While many teams already have their young passers in place, several still could be looking to make a move in the first round. Here’s a breakdown of the eight franchises most likely to trade up or down this year, factoring in organizations’ past tendencies and current needs:

8. Ravens

In his first draft at the controls after Ozzie Newsome capped his run with the organization last year by…

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