For Warriors’ 2-Point Scorers, the Long Ball Casts a Long Shadow

“I guess I could take more,” Livingston said. “I don’t think I would get in trouble.”

For those who are not members of the team’s 3-point parade, life inside the line tends to be more muted. Video clips of their layups and midrange jumpers do not go viral — not that they necessarily care, not with the Warriors continuing to make history.

“Shooting 3-pointers is not going to feed me or help this team win a championship,” said Ezeli, a 6-foot-11 center.

Yet there are rare occasions when they get a feel for how the other half of the locker room lives — and genuinely savor the experience. Two days after Bogut made his first and only 3-pointer of the season, James Michael McAdoo sank his first career 3-point attempt in a game against the Knicks. McAdoo, a 23-year-old power forward, described it as a life achievement.

“Coach always says that if you have an open shot, take it,” McAdoo said.

While that might be an overly liberal interpretation of Coach Steve Kerr’s offensive philosophy, it is true that Kerr encourages his players to work on their touch. Become proficient enough at 3-point shooting in practice, and Kerr will flash the green light in games.

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