FTW: 10 biggest 1-year wonders in NFL history

Just two short years after producing one of the most efficient passing seasons in NFL history, Nick Foles is without a job. With quarterback-needy teams already proclaiming their lack of interest in the former Pro Bowler, it’s unlikely he ever gets another legitimate shot at starting in the league again.

If that is the case, Foles will be remembered as a one-year wonder. We’ve put together a list of the biggest one-year wonders in the history of the league. Where does Foles land? Let’s find out.

10. Derek Anderson, QB Browns, 2007

(AP Photo/Gail Burton)

(AP Photo/Gail Burton)

The greatest quarterback in the modern history of the Browns is a one-year wonder. Which is just slightly more depressing than (Spoiler alert!) their current hope at the position also being on this list.

Anyway, Anderson led the Browns to a 10-6 record in 2007 after throwing 29 touchdowns and making his only Pro Bowl appearance. There was a lot of excitement in Cleveland heading into the following season, but that quickly faded away as the Browns started 0-3 and ended up a disappointing 4-12. Anderson started only nine games that season, and his completion percentage plummeted to 50.2%. In 2009, his final year in…

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