Hall of Fame Packers quarterback Brett Favre concerned about whether he played too long


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Green Bay Packers legend Brett Favre — who turns 50 on Thursday — told Peter King of NBC Sports that he’s concerned about whether he played too long, and the toll his 20-year NFL career may take on his long-term health.

The Hall of Fame QB told King that after he retired, a doctor offered to test Favre for elevated levels of Tao protein — an indicator that shows a chance for Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. Favre said he told the doctor, “I’d rather not know.”

He also said he considers whether he stayed in football too long.

“Absolutely. I wonder every day what tomorrow will bring just from [how] I did play. John Wayne was cool then. Maybe not so cool now.”

Despite his health concerns, Favre has no regrets about playing football.

“I wouldn’t trade any of it, the good and the bad.”

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