Here are 7 dream athlete documentaries we'd like to see given the Michael Jordan treatment



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Sure, some sports are back. But “sports” as we know them are largely still on pause due to the coronavirus pandemic. Today is Day 73 without sports. 🎥

In this sports-deprived state, documentaries are the new Super Bowl. And when they’re spread out over five Sundays like ESPN’s “The Last Dance,” they feed our appetites similar to the three-week extravaganza of March Madness. 

Of course, nothing can replace live sports. But documentaries are doing their best to fill the void. That’s why ESPN is airing a documentary on Lance Armstrong and just announced a nine-part series on Tom Brady.  

We’ve gone back in time to determine which fellow ’90s sports teams would’ve been worthy of “The Last Dance” 10-part series treatment, and we’ve also assessed which ’90s NFL teams could’ve fit a “Hard Knocks”/”The Last Dance” behind-the-scenes high point of entertainment. 

Tiger Woods, right, and Michael Jordan, left, share a laugh. (Photo: Chuck Burton, AP)

But the thing about “The Last Dance” was that as much as it was promoted as a team documentary from never-before-seen-footage of the 1997-98 championship Chicago Bulls, it…

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