How College Football Playoff and bowl game system mix socialism, capitalism


SportsPulse: USA TODAY Sports’ Paul Myerberg tells you which players to have on your radar this bowl season.

The college football bowl season starts again Saturday — a 40-game television bonanza that’s doubled in size since 1997, morphing into an industry of its own and a monster of mixed economies.

Socialism. Capitalism. Rich and poor.

It’s all brewed together to create a postseason in which 60% of all major-college football teams participate and 38 of them finish with a victory.

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To shed light on how it all works, USA TODAY Sports reviewed NCAA financial records and dozens of tax forms from bowl organizations. They show a system with many financial quirks, including a giant safety net for less fortunate leagues and sometimes even Notre Dame.

Spreading the wealth: The College Football Playoff is affiliated with…

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