Howard really wants to make it work in Houston

SACRAMENTO — The noise is always louder when you’re losing. And, of course, when you’re Dwight Howard.

So it was on Tuesday night in Sacramento, when the Houston Rockets’ latest loss was coming to a close and their embattled big man simply had to say something to the heckler who wouldn’t stop.

“Go look at my résumé,” Howard hollered as he stood near the end of the bench at Sleep Train Arena. “Go look at my résumé. All y’all do is talk (expletive).”

As Howard makes his latest return to Los Angeles for a game against his old Lakers team Thursday, the noise that has followed him for so much of his career is back. Rumors are swirling the eight-time All-Star and three-time Defensive Player of the Year is unhappy (again), that he’s eyeing the exits (again), and that he’s not clicking with his superstar teammate (again).

Except for one thing: Howard himself is emphatic that it’s all nonsense. And as was the case with the Kings fan who kept grating on him, he’s shouting back this time because, well, his truth won’t be heard…

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