Jordan? Curry? Federer? Tiger and Phil could keep The Match alive with these athletes

Did we learn from the massive 5.8 million-viewer audience for The Match II that golf fans just never get tired of Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson? Or did we learn that sports fans never get tired of quarterbacks?

The answer is probably a little bit of both. Woods and Mickelson continue to be two of the most popular golfers in the game, even though Mickelson is just week short of qualifying for the PGA Tour Champions and Woods, at 44, can be a tremendous player or a fragile one.

But The Match II certainly showed that Mickelson’s talk of he and Woods doing more events with different celebrities makes sense, at least some financial sense for the players and the broadcasters. The addition of two all-time great quarterbacks, the retired Peyton Manning and the still-active Tom Brady, added allure. At least the numbers from Turner Sports say they added allure.

So, if Mickelson is right and if Woods is up to it, can there be a Match III? A Match IV?

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