Keeping the Thunder on Their Game

Green had long aspired to work in sports. For four years in college, she was a rare female manager for Duke’s men’s basketball team.

But years ago, an acquaintance of Green’s mother, who is a Wall Street executive, told Green that she would never make it in the front office of a professional team because the N.B.A., he said, was “an old-boys’ club.”

“Some people do think those things,” Green said. “I work hard to show that a woman can do this.”

Amanda Green with Thunder General Manager Sam Presti. “She’s like a quality-control expert with our processes, making sure we’re following them,” he said.

Cooper Neill for The New York Times

If her mother’s acquaintance was plainly wrong about Green, there is also evidence he was wrong about the league.

The N.B.A. is the most gender-diverse men’s sports league in the United States, according to Richard Lapchick, who leads the sports business management program at the University of Central Florida. He found that the N.B.A. had the highest percentage of women in executive positions at the league…

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