Kentucky players kneeling leads to basketball shirts burned, legislator crying, more backlash


The riot at the U.S. Capitol was only one of the factors that led Kentucky basketball players to knee during the national anthem on Saturday.

Louisville Courier Journal

You thought the biggest controversy of the Kentucky men’s basketball team’s season was going to be that 1-6 start? Think again.

The Wildcats were more than 500 miles from the Bluegrass State when they knelt during the national anthem Saturday at Florida, but fans and others back home noticed.

A sheriff and jailer burned their UK shirts in protest. One county’s leaders passed a resolution calling for taxpayer money to stop flowing to the university. And one of the highest-ranking Kentucky legislators cried on the Senate floor, saying that the players’ action was a disrespectful gesture to military members such as his son.

“People have died for this country,” said Senate President Robert Stivers, R-Manchester. “They have died to allow young men to go out on the floor and have the opportunity to play sports and speak their mind.”

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