Lakers' Magic Johnson: Pelicans didn't negotiate fairly in Anthony Davis trade talks

The Los Angeles Lakers wanted to acquire Anthony Davis in a trade with the New Orleans Pelicans.

But no matter what the Lakers offered, it wasn’t good enough for the Pelicans, and when asked if the negotiations were in good faith, Lakers President Magic Johnson said, “No.”

Johnson addressed reporters before the Lakers played a road game against the Philadelphia 76ers on Sunday. The Pelicans didn’t move Davis before Thursday’s trade deadline, preferring to wait until the summer before dealing him.

“Basically, at the end of the day what happened happened, and we knew that when we first started,” Johnson said. “Hey, it is what it is.”

Johnson also said the Lakers’ plans this summer have not changed just because they didn’t acquire Davis for the rest of this season.

“It’s a great class (of free agents), and we just want to get one of them,” Johnson said.

The Lakers’ pursuit of Davis has become a sensitive topic for the NBA, the Pelicans and the Lakers with theories that the Pelicans refused to trade Davis…

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