Man Behind U.M.B.C. Twitter Account Also Takes a Victory Lap

Seidel said he didn’t have a content plan going into the game. During most men’s basketball games, he is out in the broadcast truck doing replays or calling the game. His boss, Steve Levy, usually live tweets the men’s basketball games.

Seidel knew that one of the highest trafficked tweets he’d sent out from the account was when the men’s basketball team beat Vermont and he tweeted a screenshot of ESPN predicting U.M.B.C. had an 8 percent change of winning, captioned, “sup?”

He brought that mentality to the game on Friday (he even had another “sup” tweet directed at ESPN).

Seidel arrived in North Carolina early Thursday morning and spent time with friends. He spent most of Friday in his hotel room and showed up to the pregame reception with five hours until the game, dressed in a collared shirt and pants. Everyone else was still in sweatpants.

The U.M.B.C. Retrievers celebrated their 74-54 victory over top-seeded Virginia on Friday night.

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