Mistrial declared on remaining charges in Kellen Winslow II case; jury 'hopelessly deadlocked'

VISTA, Calif. – A judge declared a mistrial Tuesday on the eight remaining criminal charges against Kellen Winslow II, a day after a jury returned three guilty verdicts against the former NFL star that still could send him to prison for up to nine years. 

San Diego County Superior Court Judge Blaine Bowman determined the jury was “hopelessly deadlocked” and could not reach a verdict on those remaining charges in a trial involving five alleged victims, including three who had accused Winslow of rape. 

But it was close, and the stakes remain high for Winslow, who earned about $40 million in the NFL from 2004 to 2013. A new trial on those eight charges could come later this year. By varying vote margins, the jury favored conviction on each of them, including two charges of felony rape, but could not agree unanimously as required by California law. 

A new trial date could be set as soon as Friday. No sentencing date has been set. 

“Clearly this case is not over,” said Brian Watkins, one of Winslow’s attorney. “We will continue to litigate this case until our client is exonerated.”

The mistrial still could be considered a victory of sorts for Winslow, 35, who…

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