NBA jersey power rankings: Lakers reign supreme among league's best designs



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When the biggest news in sports is centered around a documentary about a team that played two decades ago, we’re hurting as fans. While the NBA deliberates how to conclude the 2019-20 season amid the coronavirus pandemic, let’s take a look at the fashion side of the league. Here are USA TODAY Sports’ power rankings of NBA jerseys.

1. Los Angeles Lakers. The purple and gold made famous during Magic Johnson’s “Showtime” championship teams still holds up with classic cursive writing and bold colors. While other teams sometimes seem like they’re trying too hard with graphics and images, the Lakers’ uniform is grounded in simplicity and bolstered by championship-level basketball.

2. Miami Heat. The Heat’s black-and-red away jersey stands out, but the white home jersey has a distinct look. Miami’s simple lettering with its signature T sporting a flame set the tone for other teams to copy. The team’s “Miami Vice” alternates are some of the best in NBA history.

3. Philadelphia 76ers. The Sixers have always had cool colors to work with, and the blue away jersey from the Allen Iverson era might stack up among the best…

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