Nedbank Golf Challenge: Slowing Down Is Not Part of Gary Player’s Plan

As one of golf’s “Big Three,” Gary Player set the standard for worldwide tournament play, winning more than 100 titles including nine major championships. Luck is the residue of hard work, Player is prone to say, and he is quick to credit his father, who worked as a captain in a gold mine 12,000 feet underground, teaching by example that with hard work he could do anything.

“I was with him one time when he finished work,” said Player, host of the Nedbank Golf Challenge that starts on Thursday. “He took off his shoes and poured water out. I asked him why he was walking around in water. He said he wasn’t. That was his sweat.”

His father’s words imbued in him a core philosophy that would guide him throughout his life. Player, 82, continues to circle the globe with seemingly unlimited drive.

“I’m as busy as I’ve ever been,” Player said. “Traveling around the world designing golf courses, playing some tournaments, ranching, studying genetics, learning about eating. I’m so inquisitive about so many things. I still want to learn. So many people seem to lose their desire to improve and grow as they get older, but I can’t say that has happened to…

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