NFL Rams bash St. Louis in L.A. relocation bid

The St. Louis Rams want to move back to Los Angeles because the St. Louis market is a dud and because attendance is bad despite “significant” investments in the team by Rams owner Stan Kroenke, according to the team’s relocation filing obtained Tuesday night by USA TODAY Sports.

Stadium officials in St. Louis also failed to keep a big promise they made to lure the team from Los Angeles in 1995 – to provide the Rams with a “first-tier” stadium in St. Louis, according to the Rams’ filing.

So now they want to move back to L.A., where Rams ownership believes its stadium plan near the L.A. airport is “superior” to the one being jointly proposed by the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders in nearby Carson, Calif. All three teams filed applications Monday to relocate to Los Angeles County in 2016, subject to a vote by NFL owners that could happen as soon as next week in Houston.

The NFL has said it will support only one new stadium in Los Angeles capable of housing two NFL teams — giving all three teams motive to argue…

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