NFL's 100 worst teams of all time: Could Dolphins, Redskins join most hopeless in history?


History has a way of repeating itself — even though oftentimes it isn’t much fun to relive.

It’s a concept the 2019 Miami Dolphins are surely getting acquainted with, the Fish — I know, dolphins are mammals — getting off to perhaps the worst start the NFL has ever seen in its 100 seasons. Miami is 0-4 and has been outscored 163-26, a margin that includes being collectively whitewashed 81-0 after halftime. That negative-137 scoring margin already has this team halfway to the worst differential ever accrued in a 16-game season … only one quarter of the way into the schedule.

But before we begin wondering if the ’19 Dolphins will live on the opposite extreme of the NFL spectrum from their 17-0 1972 brethren, let’s pause to consider that the football gods may be smiling on Josh Rosen and Co. Coming off its bye week, Miami will host the equally winless Washington Redskins, who just fired coach Jay Gruden and probably wish they had a quarterback as good as Rosen at their disposal.

Still, the ‘Skins are favored by 3½. And with Sam Darnold returning from mono, it doesn’t appear the Dolphins will get two cracks at the heretofore hapless (and equally winless) Jets.

(Did I…

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