NHL, NHLPA set to meet again for more CBA discussion

Published 4:15 p.m. ET Sept. 5, 2019 | Updated 5:14 p.m. ET Sept. 5, 2019


CHICAGO — The NHL and NHL Players’ Association will meet again Friday in New York to continue collective bargaining negotiations.

Players have until Sept. 15 to decide whether to terminate the current collective bargaining agreement effective a year from now. Owners had the same option and chose not to end it, citing the health of the league and the momentum from a period of labor peace.

Unlike previous negotiations where Commissioner Gary Bettman said there was a need for fundamental changes, the issues this time appear more manageable. Bettman described it as “joint problem-solving” between the league and players, which has sparked the ongoing dialogue.

“I said this to (NHLPA executive director Don Fehr) when I told him we weren’t reopening: ‘Listen, we’ve been at this since February. Whatever you need in the next two weeks subject to existing commitments … we’re at your disposal,'” Bettman said Thursday. “Whatever (players) want in their period of having to decide what to do, we’ll try to be as accommodating as possible.”

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