On Tennis: A Day With Roger Federer: A Tennis Ambassador’s Work Is Never Done

Federer’s wife, Mirka, and their four children were set to travel separately to Florida for the Miami Open. But Federer was breaking away for a few hours, catching a private jet to Chicago to promote the Laver Cup, the team event that he helped create with Godsick and played at last year in Prague.

This was a long-planned detour, but it also ended up serving as a way to quickly change the chip after the final in Indian Wells, Federer’s first loss in 2018.

“Roger’s life, if it’s not hectic, it’s not Roger’s life, because it’s all he knows,” Godsick said.

He has been with Federer since 2005, leaving IMG with him in 2013 to form Team8. Their families are exceptionally close: Godsick’s wife, the former tennis star Mary Joe Fernandez, is a godmother of Federer’s children.

But today is about business, and Federer, back at No. 1 at age 36, is clearly pushing himself to make it happen after back-to-back three-set matches on Saturday and Sunday.

“It’s passion and a love for the game,” Federer said. “And Laver Cup is something that is very dear to me, so clearly I always have extra energy for the Laver Cup. For my own career, I don’t play as much…

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