Opinion: At Augusta National, female amateurs dazzle where women once were not wanted


Kupcho wins the Augusta National Women’s Amateur

AUGUSTA, Ga. – The scene looked so familiar, except that it came eight days too early. The shadows were starting to lengthen around the 18th green, where the crowds were so deep and full to the brim that people were leaving because they simply couldn’t see. The final two golfers had staged a masterful duel down the stretch and now were making their walk up the most famous fairway in their sport.

Sunday afternoon at the Masters?

No, Saturday afternoon at the Augusta National Women’s Amateur.

If this is what hell looks like when it freezes over, I think we need to see more of it.

There are no more unlikely feminists on earth than the green-jacketed members cloistered within the gates of Augusta National Golf Club. For generations, their exclusive and revered club, the home of the Masters, sent a blunt five-word message to girls and women around the world: We do not want you.

It didn’t matter that the game was losing participants and in fact desperately needed girls and women, who happen to make up 51 percent of the population and have always been the very definition of an untapped market…

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