Opinion: Cowboys' LB Jaylon Smith’s passion play away from football is to boost business dreams


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Jaylon Smith’s other playbook begins with his three C’s.

 “Chemistry. Character. Competency,” is how the Dallas Cowboys linebacker put it during a recent interview with USA TODAY Sports.

Smith has less than a month before beginning training camp as a rising star on an emerging defense, which is impressive enough considering the major knee injury he suffered in his final game at Notre Dame that cast serious doubt on his pro prospects.

Truth is, there was sentiment he’d never come close to becoming the impact linebacker that is. Yet, in tackling that comeback, Smith, 24, has wasted no time pursuing his passion away from football. As much as he’s eager to help this new generation of Cowboys break through to become a legitimate championship contender, Smith is bent on using some of his NFL resources to boost the dreams of minority entrepreneurs.

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