Opinion: Jack Nicklaus' support of Donald Trump disappointing but not surprising


At first blush, Jack Nicklaus’ full-throated Twitter endorsement of Donald Trump Wednesday night was not the least bit surprising. The headlines write themselves: Golf course developer endorses another golf course developer. Rich old white man from a rich old white guy sport endorses another rich old white man from the sport.

The reaction wasn’t surprising either. While plenty of Twitter accounts supported Nicklaus’ fawning treatise on Trump, many others did not. There was outrage. There was anger. And, worst of all for Nicklaus, there was genuine shock that a beloved role model could let down so many who had rooted for him for decades.

To see the replies, not from trolls and bots, but from real people expressing their dismay that Nicklaus would be such an over-the-top Trump supporter, leads one to wonder if Nicklaus perhaps never heard the words of Michael Jordan, who famously explained why he stayed out of politics by saying, “Republicans buy sneakers, too.”

Don’t Democrats play golf, too? And never-Trump Republicans? And independents? And women and girls?

Nicklaus is known in golf as its greatest player, a wonderful ambassador and perhaps its savviest…

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