Opinion: NFL teams participating in #BlackoutTuesday is too little, too late


What I’m Hearing: USA TODAY Sports’ Mike Jones recently spoke with Anquan Boldin, whose cousin was killed by a police officer in 2015, about the protests taking place across the country and where people should focus their attention in order to achieve real change.


It was #BlackoutTuesday and NFL teams were determined not to miss it. The New Orleans Saints, New York Jets, Chicago Bears and San Francisco 49ers were among the teams tweeting the stark black screen with the symbolic hashtag attached. The 49ers turned their Twitter avatar black. They and the Saints even added the phrase “Black Lives Matter.”

These teams were of course simply exercising their First Amendment right to protest; in this case, social injustice, the oppression of African-Americans and police brutality in the wake of the awful death of George Floyd.

Here’s a quote that sums up the day perfectly for all the NFL teams that participated in #BlackoutTuesday:

“To me, this is bigger than…

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