Opinion: P.J. Fleck won't compromise his unique style as he leads Minnesota to rare heights


SportsPulse: Death, taxes and LSU losing to Alabama are things you can write home about. Paul Myerberg previews the latest ‘Game of the Century’ and why LSU should just be prepared for their inevitable demise.

Before he hangs up the phone, Minnesota coach P.J. Fleck wants to make sure I understand something going into the most highly anticipated game of his coaching career. 

“Row The Boat is alive and well,” he says, pushing back one last time on the compliment I had spent the past few minutes trying to pay him.

Here’s the thing you have to understand about the 38-year-old Fleck, who rose to national prominence three years ago on a raft of slogans and buzzwords while leading Western Michigan to a 13-0 regular season: He is exactly who he is and doesn’t want to be portrayed any other way. 

So when I suggested to Fleck that, from afar, it felt a little different this time around and that the story with 8-0 and 13th-ranked Minnesota was more about the good football his team is playing…

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