Patrick Mahomes headlines pro sports' top athletes age 25 and under


What I’m Hearing: Mahomes has worked hard during the off season and it shows


It’s been said that “youth is wasted on the young.” But that’s not true in all cases — especially in professional sports.

While an athlete’s career can take any number of paths, the best of the best show excellence at a very young age.

Take, for example, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who turns 25 on Thursday. In just two seasons as a starter, he’s won an NFL MVP award and led his team to a Super Bowl championship. That’s a pretty solid resume already. 

If anyone were foolish enough to compile a list of the top athletes 25 and under, Mahomes would certainly have to be included. But who else would make the cut?

Here are 25 more 25-and-under sports stars who are precociously prolific in accumulating athletic accolades:

Ronald Acuña Jr., 22, baseball. The Atlanta Braves outfielder won the National League rookie of…

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