PGA Tour needs to plan for life without Tiger. Paging DeChambeau

There’s a point in the career of almost every great athlete when they become condemned to play out their remaining days in the arena against a symphony of keening and bell-tolling, when every jolt from the rumble strips inspires obituaries declaring not only that the competitive end is nigh but that they actually passed it a couple exits back.

Tom Brady added two Super Bowl rings years after eulogies for his NFL career began appearing. Roger Federer won another three Grand Slams after a five-year drought during which he was dismissed as too old and too slow. And premature obits have gathered like wedding confetti on Tiger Woods for about half of his career (I’ll confess to having written a couple myself). That happens when you’ve gone under the scalpel more often than Cher.

Woods announced another surgery earlier this week, a fifth procedure on his back to go along with the four he’s had on his left knee (he’d be broke if his health insurance didn’t cover pre-existing conditions). This latest health statement from Team Tiger lacked the sepulchral language that has attended previous issuances, with his doctors emphasizing the operation was successful and that a full…

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