Pistons' Van Gundy urging Morris to make a difference

Detroit Pistons forward Marcus Morris has a cousin, just 5 years old, an innocent little kid who was caught in the crossfire.

“Everybody calls him Shy,” Morris said.

In the middle of August, Shy was in a car in north Philadelphia, and he was shot six times in a shoot-out.

“Oh, man, it killed me,” Morris said. “He’s just a little kid and took six bullets. It’s sad that people are shootin’ in an area where they are not knowing who is there. It was just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was just going home and he was an area where they having warring issues.”

Shy survived the attack but had some complications. “I think four or five surgeries,” Morris said. “But you know, he’s going to be good.”

This is nothing new for Morris. He grew up in the violence, in the midst of hopelessness that stems from racial oppression.

“I’ve been around during shootouts,” Morris said. “I’ve seen people get shot. I’ve been on basketball courts where they were shooting on the court. I’ve been in a lot of those situations. I’ve grown up there….

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