Projecting point guard Trae Young isn't easy. But NBA teams seem to be overthinking it.


SportsPulse: USA TODAY’s Trysta Krick makes her predictions for who each of the top-five teams in the upcoming NBA draft will select.

ATLANTA — The next Steph Curry came strolling into an interview after his workout Tuesday with the team that may select him in next week’s NBA Draft. Wait a second, scratch that. According to some pundits, point guard Trae Young will be lucky to be the next Lou Williams. Or maybe the next Shabazz Napier.

It’s been hard to keep up ever since Young became the biggest freshman sensation in college basketball since Kevin Durant, then got the predictable backlash as he wore down toward the end of the season, then resurfaced as anywhere from a possible top-three pick to the guy who could slip in a draft purportedly filled with potential stars. 

As the NBA draft approaches next Thursday, however, no player will generate as many hot takes as Young, who will manage to be either massively overrated or criminally overlooked based on a difference of a mere handful…

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