Put That Punt a Little to the Left of the Flutists

DeOssie recalled feeling a twinge of guilt three seasons ago in San Diego, when the specialists’ preparation did, in fact, encroach on a youth cheerleading performance.

“They were doing a fantastic, wonderful job, but there were three minutes to go, and we needed to get our work in,” DeOssie said. “We had moms yelling at us on the sideline. I was like, ‘I’m sorry, ma’am, but we need to get this done.’ ”

The specialists experience this chaos largely on their own. When they run onto the field for late preparations, a less rigorous version of the full warm-up they completed earlier, their coaches and teammates remain in the locker room. Brad Wing, the Giants’ punter, stays inside long enough to hear the first part of Coach Ben McAdoo’s speech before scurrying outside.

The rest of the Giants file onto the sideline, with quarterbacks tossing footballs and other players jogging and stretching, but no one else joins them.

When Arizona Cardinals punter Ryan Quigley played for the Jets, he treated that final warm-up as a competition with himself, he said, identifying a section of the field — a 10-yard window between…

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