Ranking all 15 teams in the East by watchability

We finally saw a star head from the West to the East with Gordon Hayward signing with the Boston Celtics.

The West, of course, is extremely stacked, filled with must-watch teams. But that’s what making watchability rankings for the East harder with all those superstars bolting for greener pastures out West. Let’s give it a shot anyway:

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

1. Cleveland Cavaliers

It’s all about LeBron James here. Back when I ranked the MVP candidates in March, I wondered if we were taking James for granted. Let me pivot slightly here: Don’t take him for granted. Watch as much of him as you can. When he retires someday, don’t have regrets that you didn’t enjoy his career even more. Also, watching Kyrie Irving is quite enjoyable.

2. Boston Celtics

They were already the second-most watchable squad in the East before signing Hayward. Now we’ll see if their nucleus of Hayward, Isaiah Thomas, Al Horford, Avery Bradley and a pair of top-3 draft picks can overtake James and the Cavs.

3. Philadelphia 76ers

Surprise! But tell me you’re not excited to see this team take the floor next season: Ben Simmons (making his much-heralded premiere), Markelle Fultz, Dario Saric, Jahlil Okafor and…

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