Real Madrid teams up with Marcelo's 8-year-old son to make amazing video


Real Madrid is looking to capture their third straight Champions League title, but Mo Salah and Liverpool are showing why they are an up-and-coming threat to the title.

The Champions League final is more than a week away, but the prize for the cutest soccer video of this, or perhaps any other season, has already been clinched by Real Madrid.

After training on Tuesday, the Spanish club’s locker room welcomed the eight-year-old son of Brazilian left back Marcelo, who eagerly grabbed the chance to show off his skills in front of some of the world’s best players.

In a fabulous clip, the youngster embarks upon a drill whereby he exchanges headers with 12 members of the Real Madrid squad as they sit in relaxed fashion ahead of their big showdown against Liverpool on May 26.

With a mop of curly hair just like the trademark look of his father, the boy…

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