Reports: Chelsea, Manchester City, Atlético Madrid to pull out of proposed European Super League


After a stray dog interrupted a soccer game by running onto the field, the player who carried him off adopted him.


The European Super League gave us two days. Almost.

Fewer than 48 hours after 12 of the richest and most prominent European soccer clubs announced they would be splitting from their respective leagues to form the European Super League, three of those clubs have reportedly pulled out. Another report emerged later that the clubs will meet Tuesday night to formally disband the concept.

According to multiple reports, Chelsea became the first club to pull out, and will be followed by Manchester City and Atlético Madrid.

Earlier on Tuesday, Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola called on his club’s ownership to comment on the matter.

“The right people have to clarify — they have the obligation, the duty, as soon as possible, today better than tomorrow, tomorrow better than the day after tomorrow, to come out all around the world,” Guardiola said. “Because it is a worldwide issue. Clarify what is the situation that is going to come, and the benefits, and why they took the decision these teams are going to play and the other ones…

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