Road warriors: Home ice can be a disadvantage in playoffs


Published 4:50 p.m. ET April 28, 2017 | Updated 22 hours ago


USA TODAY’s Kevin Allen previews the playoff hockey this weekend and how the Blues, Caps, and Ducks face must-win situations after dropping game ones at home.

A chorus of boos greeted the announcement of Sidney Crosby’s first goal in Game 1 at the Washington Capitals. During the announcement of his second, the red-rocking Washington Capitals crowd was silent.

There’s no place like road for the Pittsburgh Penguins and other teams in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Through early in the second round, the visiting team is 26-20 in the playoffs, a .565 winning percentage that hasn’t been approached since 2012 and has as much to do with the NHL’s parity as tactical advantages of playing at home.

No one has been better on the road the past two seasons as the defending Cup…

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