Rome’s Mayor Won’t Support 2024 Olympic Bid

A picture of the 1960 Rome Games gold medal winner Livio Berruti, left, and the 1980 Moscow Games gold medal winner Pietro Mennea were projected on the Trevi Fountain in December to promote Rome’s candidacy for the 2024 Olympics.

Gregorio Borgia/Associated Press

Rome was effectively knocked out of the race to host the 2024 Summer Olympics on Wednesday when its mayor, Virginia Raggi, decided to oppose a bid by the city.

Raggi, a political newcomer facing more serious issues in her first term as Rome’s mayor, expressed concern that the Games would be too costly for her city.

At a news conference in Rome, Raggi said: “In light of the data we have, these Olympics are not sustainable. They will bring only debt.”

Raggi, the leader of the anti-establishment Five Star Movement and a lawyer, has faced widespread and increasing criticism since she became Rome’s first female mayor in June. Several key city officials have resigned while being investigated for malfeasance, and this summer garbage piled up in the streets because the city’s sanitation agency is heavily…

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