Since when is $2.2 billion a good deal? When it's an NFL franchise (like the Panthers)


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Real estate, the stock market and bitcoin are for amateurs. If you’re looking to make some serious money, the kind that requires you to hire bodyguards and buy your own Brinks truck, you need an NFL franchise.

The Carolina Panthers are getting a new owner, and David Tepper will pay a record $2.2 billion for the privilege. A jaw-dropping number, to be sure, given that Jerry Richardson paid $206 million for the rights to the expansion team in 1993.

What makes the Panthers’ sale price truly staggering, however, is that it’s nearly a billion more than what Terry and Kim Pegula paid for the Buffalo Bills less than four years ago.

Granted, the Bills are the least-valuable of the 32 NFL teams, according to Forbes’ 2017 valuations. But that alone can’t explain the exorbitant jump in price. These are the Panthers that Tepper is buying, not the Patriots. 

For months now, the critics…

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