'Suns in 4' fight fan to receive tickets, autographed jersey from Suns' Devin Booker


Devin Booker and Jae Crowder talk about the Phoenix Suns advancing to Western Conference finals after sweeping the Denver Nuggets.

Arizona Republic

Justin Westrich saw it, too.

A Suns fan who resides in Phoenix and works as a technology sales executive, Westrich was inside Ball Arena in Denver for Friday’s Game 3 and saw the fracas that’s made Nick McKellar famous and got the attention of Devin Booker.

“I was in the section over but could see everything happen in real-time,” Westrich said. “The game was out of hand and it was awesome to see the players stop what they were doing in the timeout, notice the commotion in the stands and start watching the fight.”

Westrich said Booker was one of those players.

So he’s happy McKellar will receive tickets to a game in the Western Conference finals and an autographed Booker jersey after Booker tweeted for his “info” a day after the Suns completed their sweep of the Nuggets with Sunday’s Game 4 road victory.

“I think it’s awesome Book made the effort to track him down and reward him,” Westrich said.

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