Tiger Woods could qualify for first-time DUI offender program


Video of a dazed Tiger Woods in jail as he takes a breathalyzer test and answers questions from a police officer.

Tiger Woods is scheduled to make his first court appearance related to his May arrest for driving under the influence. But Woods’ lawyer told the Associated Press the 14-time major champion won’t be attending Wednesday’s arraignment.  

Woods appears to meet the qualifications for Palm Beach County’s first-time DUI offender program where a 12-month monitoring program is mandated instead of community service or jail time, a deal that could be made public at the arraignment. The program, created four years ago, would result in the DUI charge to be dropped and the case sealed after completion of the monitoring program. 

“Looking at the facts of Tiger’s case, I don’t see any reason why he should not be offered entry into the program,” Steven Bell, a partner at Meltzer & Bell who has handled…

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