Tiger Woods' future fades faster with latest back surgery

The PGA Tour is back in Texas this week, and so, too, is Tiger Woods.

Only while most Tour pros in the state are competing at the Valero Texas Open, Woods, at 41, is planning yet another rehab after undergoing what he termed “successful” back surgery to alleviate pain in his back and leg.

This latest operation that Woods underwent typically prohibits its recipients from returning to full activity for roughly six months, according to Dr. Richard Guyer, who performed the surgery at the Center for Disc Replacement at the Texas Back Institute in Plano.

Which, translated, means sometime mid-autumn, best case, when another season will have passed Woods by.

Once we used our hands to count Tiger’s major victories, and now we use them to count his surgeries. He now owns as many back surgeries and procedures (four) as Masters’ green jackets.

Woods’ web site reported that the golfer’s surgery “went well,” but really, don’t they all? If his previous ones had been so good, then why the need for a fourth?

First and foremost, Woods is wished good health and the ability to return to a normal life. The most exciting and impactful player of a generation, maybe of all time,…

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