Vegas looks like good bet to get pro team

Start packing up the moving vans, the Oakland Raiders are heading for Las Vegas.

OK, not immediately. An NHL expansion team might even beat them there. But after years of the major sports leagues swearing they would never have a franchise in a city where gambling is legal, it’s no longer a question of if Las Vegas gets a team but when – and how many.

While some will try and paint a Las Vegas move as the first step on the road to moral ruin, it’s not nearly that dire. The arguments against having a team in Sin City lost their merit about the time the NFL started playing regular-season games in London, where gambling is legal and there’s a bookmaker on every block.

Or maybe it was when the NBA put one of its summer leagues in Las Vegas. Or when a Class-AAA baseball team returned. Or when the Mountain West began holding its conference basketball tournament there.

Or maybe it was when the major leagues got in bed, sorry, got involved with daily fantasy sports, which pretty much everyone outside the folks running the sites agree is gambling.

Continuing to bar…

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